puddles of jam.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thursday, August 4, 2016

we are one.

Top 100+ Yoga Quotes ~ Namaste ~ http://www.yogaclub.us/yoga_quotes.htm:

ben dunlap: the life-long learner.

take 19 minutes & watch this.

rory jane at one.

our baby girl is one!
here's a few snaps of her in her 12th month of life.
smiling while being eaten alive in the backyard.
rj's new bestie, huggins from aunt leelee.
my sweaty little family.
swinging in the sunshine.
slim duct taped 8lb dumbbell in this 
& it worked like a charm.
really slowed it down.
 before it went too fast and she couldn't keep up.
rory's favorite chill spot is in the dog bed.
giving dad an assist in down dog.
hitting the pool with pals will & lily!
this was my favorite pic that slim sent me
while i was away at camp in july.
made my heart ache for her.

Friday, June 17, 2016

embrace your wild side.

Inside All of Us is a Wild Thing Print // Where by NothingPanda:

make art, feel better.

study says that making art reduces stress,
 even if you kinda suck at it.
researchers found that 45 minutes of creative activity
significantly lessens stress in the body.
i see this happen every tuesday morning
at the open studio art group i have the
honor of leading at the jewish tower.
watching elders create & laugh & get messy
is by far my favorite part of my work week. 

go on, let go & start creating

Friday, March 25, 2016


we welcomed a new member to our tribe!!!
our besties, kathryn & brian welcomed (lyric's lil sis)
their perfect baby girl, lily parker williams on march 1st.
the eggplant parmigiana at scalinis really worked!
kathryn is so brave & i am beyond proud of her.
look at her just glowing hours after a wild, all natural birth.
look at this perfect little lady.
my friends seriously make the cutest babies.
rjh was really feeling lpw's presence in the tub 
the night before she was born.
oh sweet lily, we love you so much!

big & aidan.

were you team big or team aidan?
 i was always team aidan...
until big built her that closet & then
i was all like, girl- that man is a KEEPER!

rory's 1st march.

rory does march....
in a hat with a teething biscuit.
relaxing in our bed with her favorite book.
hanging with aunt leelee, again with a biscuit.
*we've started calling her biscuit hand
admiring succulents at home depot.
rocking a prune mustache.
saying hello to future cousin evelyn anne.
rocking gigham, looking amazing.
celebrating dad's 36th birthday.
hanging with moma & jack.
showing bubbe & pop how to use a sippy cup.
doing some energy work on dad.